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Finding Adventure at Every Stop

Our Mission is to assist as many people as possible with travel experiences to their dream destinations. We aim to do this by providing services to get them there and assist in creating memories that last a lifetime.

Our Story

Wanna Have Fun is the culmination of a lifetime of friendship and fun spanning over 40 years between Tracey Crawford and Kelly Lenton.


Having been friends since infancy, starting a travel agency to emulate their friendship through adventure moved them to create the layers of Wanna Have Fun, LLC. Each destination they visit, people often refer to Tracey and Kelly as the 'lives of the party'. Tracey and Kelly believe that travel makes people better. Travel opens up consciousness to cultural appreciation, exposes us to diversity, humbles us and connects us with the world through experiences. Tracey and Kelly thought to themselves, lets do our part and try and bring people together in new places with fun and unique excursions, culinary delights, music and phenomenal service to create unforgettable memories.

Wanna Have Fun, LLC (commonly referred to as WHF) is excited to introduce themselves to you and you to their personalized Travel & Concierge Services. We hope that you will join WHF for an amazing adventure and we look forward to journeying with you on future events.

Meet The Team

Tracey Crawford

Chief Executive Officer

Kelly Lenton

Vice President

Akin "Joshua" Bridgewater


Brandon Torres


Jasmine Grenaway

Influencer Marketing

Toshi Lu

Media Relations

Ashley Curtis

Travel Relations

Our Affiliates

Hilton Hotels and Resorts
Hennessy Cognac
Marriott Hotels Resorts and Suites
Hyatt Hotels and Resorts
Alaska Airlines
American Airlines
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